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Welcome to Allied vs Axis Historical Foundation, Inc.                    FFL C2/SOT

Bogdan Gieniewski and Ben LeFever

                call:    910-437-5175 or 910-988-9077

Dedicated to preserving and presenting accuarate WWII equipment and impressions.   

Our collection of authentic WWII vehicles and weapons provides a comparison between the fighting ground forces of Germany and the Allied Forces.

Our primary focus is providing demonstrations to military historians and those who wish a deeper understanding of the 'greatest generation'.

Allied vs Axis is non-political, and neither supports nor condones any racist, extremist, radical or right wing political movements.

We hope to commemorate the life and experiences of all participants in conflict by accurately portraying them in displays, re-enactments and educational programs.

Available for parades, vehicle rides, weapon demonstrations, and film work.



For more information or booking, please e-mail us at:
Previous events include:
 Film work    
   'Army Wives' TV episode    
   Music Video - 'This is War'     
   Movie - 'Red Rose of Normandy'    
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