ALLIED vs AXIS Historical Foundation, Inc.
Allied vs Axis can provide a variety of WWII impressions or living history demonstrations according to your needs.  Whether it is a parade, recruiting event, blood drive, or film shoot, Allied vs Axis can provide historically accurate and well-informed presentations.
II FLAK REG HG is a non-political, German WWII re-enactment unit affiliated with the Allied vs. Axis Historical Foundation, Inc. of Fayetteville, NC. The unit portrays an armored FLAK REG of the Luftwaffe Hermann Goering Panzer Division.  Check them out on Facebook!
Allied vs. Axis would like to thank Warpath Militaria for their assistance and support! 
1942 Diamler Dingo at the Virginia Military Vehicle Open House, October 2009.  The Dingo was a very successful Recce Armored Car used by Commonwealth forces during WWII.
Allied Vs Axis participating at National Airborne Day August 2009, on the grounds of the Special Operations and Airborne Museum with a WWII WC-54 and M16A1 Halftrack complete with .50 caliber Quad Mount. 
The 'Rosie the Riveter' impression demonstrates the role of women on the home front.
The center of an interactive display of authentic WWII medical equipment is 'The Ole Rugged Cross' (1942 WC-54 Military Ambulance).  The Army field nurse impression demonstrates a significant role of women in the military.
Our historically accurate reproduction tent came from D-Day Quartermaster, internet home that specializes in reproduction tents and uniforms. 
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